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Unit JvSegmentedLEDDisplay.pas

Author: Marcel Bestebroer

Package: HMI

Status: Completed, Locked by marcelb

Contains the TJvSegmentedLEDDisplay and related components. <INCLUDE JVCL.UnitText.dtx>

Last changed by obones on 2009-01-05 15:30:36 CET

Items in the unit

DigitClassList Reference to the list of registered digit classes.
EJVCLSegmentedLEDException Segmented LED displays exception class.
IdentToUnlitColor Translates an unlit color literal into a \TUnlitColor value.
RegisterSegmentedLEDDigitClass Registers a segmented LED digit class with the system.
RegisterSegmentedLEDDigitClasses Registers a number of segmented LED digit classes with the system.
StringToUnlitColor Translates a string to a \TUnlitColor value.
T7SegColonUsage Determines colon usage for the 7-segmented LED digit.
T7SegColonUsage.scuColonOnly Renders the entire colon but hides the other segments. Can be used to render a colon digit in a clock for example.
T7SegColonUsage.scuFull Renders the entire colon. Note that each colon dot can be set on or off individual.
T7SegColonUsage.scuLowOnly Only the low dot of the colon is rendered. This can be used to simulate certain HP calculators that used this dot as a decimal separator symbol.
T7SegColonUsage.scuNone No colon is rendered.
TCharSet Represents a set of characters.
TJv14SegmentedLEDDigit Modern 14-segmented LED digit.
TJv16SegmentedLEDDigit Modern 16-segmented LED digit.
TJv7SegmentedLEDDigit Classic 7-segmented LED digit.
TJv7SegmentedLEDDigit.UseColon Specifies if and how the colon should be rendered.
TJvBaseSegmentedLEDDigit Common code for standard segmented digits.
TJvBaseSegmentedLEDDigit.DPWidth Additional width required to draw the DP segment.
TJvBaseSegmentedLEDDigit.UseDP Determines if the DP segment is visible.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit Base segmented LED digit.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.BaseTop Determine base top of the digit.


Retrieve information about a specified point in the digit.



Retrieve information about a specified point in the digit.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.GetSegmentIndex Retrieves the index of a named segment.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.GetSegmentName Retrieves the name of a segment.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.GetSegmentStates Retrieves a bit mask representing the states of the segments.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.GetSegmentString Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.Height Determines the height of the digit.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.Left Determines the left position of the digit.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.PtInSegment Determines if a coordinate belongs to a segment.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.RecalcNeeded Flags if a recalculation of the segments is required.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.SegmentCount Indicates the number of available segments.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.Text \String representation of the digit contents.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.VertAdjust Indicates the vertical adjustment.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.Width Determines the width of the digit.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay Base segmented LED display control.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.CharacterMapper Specifies which character mapper to use.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.DigitClass Specifies which digit style to use.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.DigitClassName Specifies the digit style to use.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.DigitHeight Specifies the height of the digits.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.Digits Collection of digits.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.DigitSpacing Specifies the spacing between digits.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.DigitWidth Specifies the width of the digits.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.DotSize Specifies the size of dot type segments.


Write here a summary (1 line)




Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.RemapText Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.SegmentLitColor Specifies the color to use for lit segments.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.SegmentSpacing Specifies the spacing between segments.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.SegmentThickness Specifies the width of the normal type segments.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.SegmentUnlitColor Specifies the color to use for unlit segments.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.Slant Specifies the slant angle of the digits.
TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay.Text Specifies the text of the display.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.CharMapping Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.Clear Clears the mappings table.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.CurDigit Current digit for which we are mapping.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.Display Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.LoadDefaultMapping Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.LoadFromFile Loads a character mapping from a file.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.LoadFromStream Reads a character mapping from a stream.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.MappingChanged Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.MapText Maps a text into it's segment representation.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.SaveToFile Saves the mapping table to a file.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.SaveToStream Writes the mapping table to a stream.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.SegMapRemoves Flag indicating if new segments are added or removed from the segment list.
TJvSegmentedLEDCharacterMapper.TextForDigit Contains the mapping text for the digit.
TJvSegmentedLEDDigitClass Defines the metaclass for TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDigit.
TJvSegmentedLEDDigitClassName Type used to specify the digit class name.
TJvSegmentedLEDDigits Collection class used by the segmented LED display.
TJvSegmentedLEDDigits.Items Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvSegmentedLEDDisplay Segmented LED display control.
TPointArray Dynamic array of TPoint items.
TSegCharMapHeader Header type used for streaming of a character mapping.
TSegCharMapHeader.Flags Flags. Bits 0 through 15 represent the size in bytes stored for each character. If bit 16 is set to 1 the '.' and ',' should be remapped to the actual DecimalSeparator and ThousandSeparator respectively upon reading.
TSegCharMapHeader.ID Identification string of the header. Each mapper class will define it's own ID string.
TSegCharMapHeader.MappedChars Bit array of characters actually mapped. Characters that are not present in this set are not stored at all.
TSegmentRenderInfo Represents the rendering info for a segment.
TSegmentRenderInfo.Points Array of TPoint values. How these TPoint values are used depends on the render type flag.
TSegmentRenderInfo.RenderType Specifies the segment render type.
TSegmentRenderInfoArray Dynamic array of TSegmentRenderInfo items.
TSegmentRenderType Type used to specify the render type of a segment.
TSegmentRenderType.srtCircle Segment is rendered as a circle or ellipse. Only the first two items of the TSegmentRenderInfo.Points array are used. THe first TPoint is the upper left corner and the second TPoint is the lower right corner of the bounding rectangle.
TSegmentRenderType.srtNone Segment is not rendered. The TSegmentRenderInfo.Points array is not used.
TSegmentRenderType.srtPolygon Segment is rendered as a polygon. The TSegmentRenderInfo.Points array are the points used in a call to TCanvas.Polygon.
TSegmentRenderType.srtRect Segment is rendered as a rectangle. Only the first two items of the TSegmentRenderInfo.Points array are used. THe first TPoint is the upper left corner and the second TPoint is the lower right corner.
TSlantAngle Represents the slant angle of a digit.
TSLDHitInfo Type used to determine the area type of a coordinate.
TSLDHitInfo.shiClientArea Specified coordinate belongs to the client area of the control.
TSLDHitInfo.shiDigit Specified coordinate belongs to a/the digit.
TSLDHitInfo.shiDigitSegment Specified coordinate belongs to a segment of a/the digit.
TSLDHitInfo.shiNowhere Specified coordinate does not belong to the control or digit.
TUnlitColor Represents a color for unlit segments.
UnlitColorToIdent Translates a \TUnlitColor value into an unlit color literal.
UnlitColorToString Translates a \TUnlitColor value into it's string representation.
UnregisterModuleSegmentedLEDDigitClasses Unregisters segmented LED digit classes belonging to a specific module from the system.
UnregisterSegmentedLEDDigitClass Unregisters a segmented LED digit class from the system.
UnregisterSegmentedLEDDigitClasses Unregisters a number of segmented LED digit classes from the system.

Copyright (c) 2004 by the JVCL Team; all rights reserved
Uses PclZip by phpconcept and parts of the PEAR library