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Unit JvArrowButton.pas

Author: Peter Thörnqvist

Package: Ctrls

Status: Completed (II) (peter3)

Contains the TJvArrowButton component. <INCLUDE JVCL.UnitText.dtx>

Last changed by obones on 2009-01-04 20:49:31 CET

Items in the unit

TJvArrowButton Office style button with arrow. Separated click events for button and arrow.
TJvArrowButton.Alignment Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvArrowButton.AllowAllUp Flags if all buttons in a group can be up (depressed).
TJvArrowButton.ArrowWidth Width of the arrow segment.
TJvArrowButton.Down Indicates if the button is down.
TJvArrowButton.DropDown Reference to the popup menu associated with the arrow.
TJvArrowButton.DropOnButtonClick Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvArrowButton.FillFont Font used when the mouse is over the control.
TJvArrowButton.Flat Indicates if the button should have flat style.
TJvArrowButton.Glyph The image to show on the button.
TJvArrowButton.GroupIndex Index of the group this button belongs to.
TJvArrowButton.Layout Specifies the location of the image and caption.
TJvArrowButton.Margin Space between the border and the image/caption.
TJvArrowButton.NumGlyphs The number of images in the Glyph property.
TJvArrowButton.OnDrop Occurs when the user clicks the arrow.
TJvArrowButton.PressBoth Specifies if both the button and the arrow should be pressed simultaneously.
TJvArrowButton.Spacing Indicates the position of the image and the caption.
TJvArrowButton.VerticalAlignment Write here a summary (1 line)

Copyright (c) 2004 by the JVCL Team; all rights reserved
Uses PclZip by phpconcept and parts of the PEAR library