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Unit JvAppIniStorage.pas

Author: Marcel Bestebroer

Package: Core

Status: Completed, Needs review

Contains the TJvAppIniStorage component. <INCLUDE JVCL.UnitText.dtx>

Last changed by obones on 2009-01-04 20:46:01 CET

Items in the unit

LoadPropertyStoreFromIniFile Write here a summary (1 line)
StorePropertyStoreToIniFile Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvAppIniFileStorage INI file based application data storage.
TJvAppIniFileStorage.AutoFlush If set to True, the Flush method will be called whenever a modification has been made to the in memory file.
TJvAppIniFileStorage.AutoReload If set to True, the Reload method will be called whenever an information is about to be read from the in memory file.
TJvAppIniFileStorage.FileName Name of the INI file.
TJvAppIniFileStorage.Flush Writes changes to the file.
TJvAppIniFileStorage.IniFile The in memory INI file object.
TJvAppIniFileStorage.OnGetFileName Occurs when Location is set to flCustom.
TJvAppIniFileStorage.Reload Reloads the INI in memory file from the file indicated by FileName
TJvAppIniStorageOptions Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvAppIniStorageOptions.PreserveLeadingTrailingBlanks Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvAppIniStorageOptions.ReplaceCRLF Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvCustomAppIniStorage Abstract base class for application data storage in INI file format.
TJvCustomAppIniStorage.DefaultSection The default section name
TJvCustomAppIniStorage.IniFile Direct reference to the \TCustomIniFile instance.
TJvCustomAppIniStorage.ReadValue Retrieves a value.
TJvCustomAppIniStorage.RemoveValue Deletes a value.
TJvCustomAppIniStorage.StorageOptions Write here a summary (1 line)
TJvCustomAppIniStorage.ValueExists Determines if a value exists.
TJvCustomAppIniStorage.WriteValue Stores a value.

Copyright (c) 2004 by the JVCL Team; all rights reserved
Uses PclZip by phpconcept and parts of the PEAR library