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Unit JvAnimatedImage.pas

Author: Fedor Koshevnikov, Igor Pavluk, Serge Korolev

Package: MM

Status: Completed, Needs review

Contains the TJvAnimatedImage component. <INCLUDE JVCL.UnitText.dtx>

Last changed by obones on 2009-01-04 20:44:40 CET

Items in the unit

TGlyphOrientation Indicates the orientation of a glyph in a TJvAnimatedImage component
TGlyphOrientation.goHorizontal The Glyph will be cut horizontally
TGlyphOrientation.goVertical The glyph will be cut vertically
TJvAnimatedImage A component that takes a glyph, cuts it along one direction to create frames to be displayed as an animation.
TJvAnimatedImage.Active If true, the animation is being performed.
TJvAnimatedImage.AsyncDrawing Determines if the drawing thread is synchronized to the main VCL thread
TJvAnimatedImage.Center Determines if the animation is drawn centered in the control
TJvAnimatedImage.Glyph The glyph to use for the animation
TJvAnimatedImage.GlyphNum Indicate which sub-glyph in Glyph is to be displayed at the start of the animation
TJvAnimatedImage.InactiveGlyph The sub-glyph to display when the image is inactive
TJvAnimatedImage.Interval The interval in milliseconds between each frame
TJvAnimatedImage.NumGlyphs The number of frames in the Glyph property
TJvAnimatedImage.OnFrameChanged Event triggered when the current frame has been changed
TJvAnimatedImage.OnStart Even triggered when the animation starts (by setting Active to True)
TJvAnimatedImage.OnStop Event triggered when the animation stops (by setting Active to False)
TJvAnimatedImage.Orientation The orientation used to create the frames from Glyph
TJvAnimatedImage.Stretch If true, the image is stretched to fit in the control size
TJvAnimatedImage.Transparent If True the background of the image is transparent.
TJvAnimatedImage.TransparentColor Indicate which color is to be considered transparent in the glyph
TJvImageControl This is a control that displays an image using buffered painting

Copyright (c) 2004 by the JVCL Team; all rights reserved
Uses PclZip by phpconcept and parts of the PEAR library