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A user-defined Integer property for the currently active row in the dataset.

The current row of the dataset can have a special user-tag property, per row. This is helpful if you want to go through a dataset, and flag certain rows as 'selected', and for other user-defined purposes. This data is NOT stored as part of the CSV file and exists only in memory.<br> <br> Example:<br> <CODE><PRE> MyCsvDataSet.First; while not MyCsvDataSet.Eof do begin if MyCsvDataSetMYFIELD.Value='XYZ' then MyCsvDataSet.UserTag := 1; // Flag XYX rows. else MyCsvDataSet.UserTag := 0; MyCsvDataSet.Next; end; </PRE></CODE> UserData: Same idea as UserTag, but it's a pointer.<br>

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