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Make only certain rows in a dataset visible.

FieldName - This must be a field name that exists in the file.
Pattern - This is a pattern, with optional wildcards, that the Field value must match.

This allows simple master-detail or category-by-category behavior to be emulated, where changing rows in one dataset (scrolling) could be used to set filtering on a second dataset. To filter on more than one field, you first ClearFilter, then you call SetFilter several times, each time, the dataset is scanned once, and non-matching rows are marked hidden. When the user views the dataset, only the matching rows are viewed. The patterns can contain wildcards, such as '%' for AnyString, or '?' for<br> matching any Single Character. These wildcards were chosen because they are similar to the wildcards used in SQL Databases.<br> <br> A very specialized feature is the ability to check for several different values, by combining the values with a vertical-pipe (|) symbol. To match a string that starts with either A or B or C, use the pattern 'A%|B%|C%<br> <br> Note that this feature is NOT API-compatible with or similar to the filtering feature that is<br> normally found in VCL TTable component.<br>

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