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Event fired when field data is going to be updated from data aware control back into our Dataset.

Sender - Description for this parameter
UserTag - The record's tag (integer) property
UserData - The record's data (pointer) property. Perhaps this is the custom object that contains the actual data?
FieldName - The field name we are being asked for?
Value - This is the new changed field value (encoded as a CSV string) which is being put into the CSV file.

An OnSetFieldData event written by the end user allows the end user to create a Virtual DataSet where the data in the CSV rows is really just a cache which can be updated when displayed and when a change is made to the cached data, the change can also automatically be written to the place where the data really came from.<br>

See Also
TJvCustomCsvDataSet.OnGetFieldData, TJvCustomCsvDataSet.GetUserTag, TJvCustomCsvDataSet.SetUserTag,
TJvCustomCsvDataSet.GetUserData, TJvCustomCsvDataSet.SetUserData, TJvCustomCsvDataSet.SetAllUserData

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