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Primary Key Definition.

Blank means no primary key. The main reason for setting a primary key is so you can enforce primary key uniqueness. You might also want to easily sort the file in primary key order. Primary Key fields<br> MUST Be the first fields logically (and usually, physically) in the CSV file.<br> <br> That is to say, the CsvKeyDef cannot be set to 'A,C' if the first line of the csv file is is 'A,B,C'.<br> If you want fields 'A,C' to be the key, the CSV file fields themselves MUST be ordered 'A,C, .... ' logically.<br>

See Also
TJvCustomCsvDataSet.CsvUniqueKeys, TJvCustomCsvDataSet.CaseInsensitive,
TJvCustomCsvDataSet.FindByCsvKey, TJvCustomCsvDataSet.IsKeyUnique

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