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Comma separated list of field names.

The CsvFieldDef property is the most important property in the CSVDataSet. You MUST set it up (using<br> the property editor or by typing a valid CsvFieldDef string) before you can use the CSV Data Set.<br> <br> A CsvFieldDef string is a comma separated list of field names. After each field name, an optional colon may be used to separate the field name from field options, which are described below.<br> <br> * Fieldname must start with a Letter (A-Z) and can contain Letters, Numbers and Underscores.<br> * Field Types are described below. $ is a string. Other punctuation indicates other types.<br> * Length ONLY applies to string fields.<br> <br> <TABLE 20c%,80c%><br> Field Types Meaning ----------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------<br> <br> $ string (ftString) - also used if no character is given. May be followed by the length, a length of 80 is assumed if "$" is used without a specific<br> length (For example, ABC:0 is a field named ABC, type string, string<br> length 100).<br> % whole integer value (ftInteger) & floating point value (ftFloat) @ Ascii datetime value (ftDateTime) as YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS (Component Specific) # Hex-Ascii Timestamp (A93F38C9) seconds since Jan 1, 1970 GMT (Component<br> Specific) ^ Hex-Ascii Timestamp (A93F38CP) corrected to local timezone (Component<br> <table> </table> <br> CsvFieldDef string Example:<br> <CODE><PRE> NAME:,ADDRESS:0,AGE:%,BIRTHDAY:@ </PRE></CODE> Note<br> You can use the built-in property editor (Click ...) Instead of manually typing the CsvFieldDef.<br>

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