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If greater than zero, automatically numbered backups of the CSV file are kept. Backups go in the<br> Backup subdirectory, below wherever the CSV file itself is located.

The automatic backup feature of the TJvCsvDataSet is similar to the way the old VMS operating system used to work. Every time you saved a file, numbered backups are kept.<br> <br> The reason for this feature is that disk space is cheap, and lost or even partially corrupt data is very very inconvenient. If you kept the last 10 (for example) versions of your CSV file in a Backup directory, directly underneath where your main CSV files go, then recovery from a bad edit, or a corrupt file, should be much easier. The only reason I can think of to set this to zero is if losing this file is a matter of no importance, or of the creation of the backup files is in some way causing a problem.<br>

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