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This allows you to add a new row to an open dataset, in CSV string form.

RowAsString - Description for this parameter

AppendRowString allows you to add a new dataset row in ONE LINE of code, instead of writing:<br> <CODE><PRE> DataSet.Append; DataSetFIELD1.Value := 'xxx'; DataSetFIELD2.Value := 'xxx'; .. one line for each field ... DataSet.Post; </PRE></CODE> Instead, if your dataset had three columns ('NAME,ADDRESS,PHONE'), you could write:<br> <CODE><PRE> DataSet.AppendRowString('BOB,10 FRONT STREET,555-1212'); </PRE></CODE> One common way of using this is to call GetRowAsString from one dataset, and then adding that row to another dataset, like this:<br> <CODE><PRE> CsvDataSet2.AppendRowString(CsvDataSet1.GetRowAsString); </PRE></CODE>

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