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Base class for TJvCsvDataSet.

Normally, you would just use TJvCsvDataSet directly,and not use TJvCustomCsvDataSet.<br> <br> If you read further, we'll assume you want to write a custom component and inherit from<br> TJvCustomCsvDataSet. Okay then.<br> <br> You can use this class as a base class for your own Comma Separated Variable File component. This base class is fully functional is the same as TJvCsvDataSet, except it has no published properties.<br> See the documentation for TJvCsvDataSet if you want to see the version that has all properties published (for use at design time).<br> <br> You can create your own custom component, inherit from TJvCustomCsvDataSet, publish the properties<br> your users will need, then just drop the component onto a form, and Connect it to a DataSource, and use it just like a TTable or the MIDAS TClientDataSet.<br> <br> No runtime files and no external database link required.<br>

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