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In-memory TDataSet component similar to TTable.

An in-memory TDataSet component similar to TTable but with optional saving to CSV file, and which, unlike using TTable in CSV mode, does not utilize the BDE, or any external database access layers to do its work.<br> <br> Since this component inherits from TDataSet, you can use it with any standard VCL data aware components. Remember to link to a DataSource, before you can link this to any data aware controls!<br> <br> This component inherits from TJvCustomCsvDataSet. See TJvCustomCsvDataSet for more internal details.<br> <br> To Use TJvCsvDataSet, and any other component that you create that inherits from TJvCustomCsvDataSet you *must* first set up the important Property called CsvFieldDef.<br> <br> \Note that rather than editing the CsvFieldDef yourself, you should click on the property editor button ([...]) on the right side of the CsvFieldDef field, in the Object Inspector.<br>

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