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Broadcasts a message to all loaded plugins.

PluginMessage - ID of the message to send. As a host developer you can define these yourself.
PluginParams - String containing additional parameters for the message. As a host developer you determine the meaning of this string.

SendMessage will broadcast the specified message to all loaded plugins. It does so by calling <LINK<br> TJvPlugIn.SendPluginMessage, SendPluginMessage> for each plugin in the Plugins array.<br> <br> If you want to send a message to a specific plugin, you can use <B>\Plugins[</B><<I>index</I>><B>].SendPluginMessage(</B><<I>message ID</I>><B>,</B><<I>message text</I>><B>);</B> As a host developer you are responsible of defining and documenting the messages your application may send. You should make this public so plugin developers can use this information.<br>

See Also
TJvPlugIn.SendPluginMessage, TJvPluginManager.PluginCount, TJvPluginManager.Plugins

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