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Scans a folder for and loads plugins.

LoadPlugins will scan a folder for plugin files and attempts to load them.<br> <br> The PluginFolder property is read to determine the folder to scan. If the PluginFolder property is empty, the executable's folder will be used instead.<br> <br> The Extensions property is read to determine the file extensions to consider as a plugin.<br> <br> For each file found the following steps will take place:<br> <br> * The OnBeforeLoad event is called.<br> * If \OnBeforeLoad has not disallowed the file to be loaded, LoadPlugin is called to load the plugin (specifying PluginKind as the plugin type). This method will call the OnNewCommand event for each<br> provided command.<br> * The OnAfterLoad event is called.<br> <br> If an exception occurred during the steps above, the OnLoadingError event will be called. Any additional files will still be loaded.<br>

See Also
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TJvPluginManager.OnBeforeLoad, TJvPluginManager.OnNewCommand, TJvPluginManager.OnPlugInError,
TJvPluginManager.PluginFolder, TJvPluginManager.PluginKind

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