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\MessageDlg replacement with additional settings and "Don't show again" capabilities.

DlgID - ID of the dialog in the DSA system.
Msg - Contains the message to display.
DlgType - The dialog type.
Buttons - A list of buttons to display.
HelpCtx - Help context to use when the help button is clicked or F1 is pressed.
Center - Indicates how the dialog is to be centered. The default is to center on the screen, but you can specify to center on the main form or the active form.
DefaultButton - The button to mark as default. If you do not provide a default button, the \MessageDlg mechanism is used to determine the default button.
CancelButton - The button to mark as cancel. If you do not provide a cancel button, the \MessageDlg mechanism is used to determine the cancel button.
HelpButton - The button to mark as help. If you do not provide a help button, the button mbHelp will be used. If such a button does not exist, no button will be marked
as help.
Caption - The caption of the dialog.
Picture - A TGraphic descendant of the image to show or nil if no image should be shown.
Timeout - Description for this parameter
ADynControlEngine - Description for this parameter

Return value
Returns the modal result of the displayed dialog or the last result if the dialog was suppressed.

DSAMessageDlg is a replacement for Delphi's \MessageDlg function and an extension to MessageDlg that allow the user to optionally disable the dialog in the future.<br> <br> In its simplest form, it does exactly the same as the \MessageDlg function in Delphi's Dialogs unit, but has a dialog ID parameter and three optional parameters that allow you to choose different default, cancel and/or help buttons.<br> <br> The second form allows you to provide a different caption of the dialog, but otherwise does the same as the first form.<br> <br> The third form allows you to provide both a different caption as well as a different image.<br> <br> If you need more control over button captions and results, use DSAMessageDlgEx instead.<br> Note<br> If the user presses Ctrl-C in the dialog, the contents of the dialog is copied to the clipboard.<br>

Extra information
<TITLE DSAMessageDlg function>

See Also
DSAMessageDlgEx, MessageDlg

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