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Callback interface to respond to changes at the provider.

IJvDataProviderNotify is a callback interface who's methods are called in response to changes at the provider.<br> <br> An object that wishes to be notified of changes occurring at the provider will register this reference at the provider by calling the provider's JvDataProvider.RegisterChangeNotify,<br> RegisterChangeNotify> method. If the object is no longer interested in changes at a provider (i.e.<br> another provider is selected or the object is destroying), the <LINK<br> IJvDataProvider.UnregisterChangeNotify, UnregisterChangeNotify> method should be called.<br> <br> Note that it's perfectly legal to register the same change notification for multiple providers. In all cases a registered callback should eventually be unregistered before this object is destroyed.<br> The only exception is when a provider is destroying or has been destroyed; in that case the callback is implicitly unregistered.<br>

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