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Data Item support interface for keeping item states at the provider side.

IJvDataItemStates is a supporting interface for IJvDataItem that adds the capability of keeping the<br> Enabled, Checked and Visible states for an item at the provider side.<br> <br> When a provider or consumer support interface needs one of the aforementioned states, it will first request the state from the consumer (if it supports the IJvDataConsumerItemState interface). If this interface is not supported or if the returned state equals disNotUsed, the state is requested from the IJvDataItemStates interface of the item.<br> <br> Each of the states can be one of "False", "True", "Indetermined" or "Not used". The consumer is responsible of setting the appropriate rendering options based on these settings but is not required to handle them. In addition a consumer may override the setting of the item at its discretion.<br>

See Also
IJvDataConsumerItemState, IJvDataItem

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