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Delete an item given its reference.

Item - Reference to the item to delete.

Remove deletes the item specified by the Item parameter. Upon entry the parameter will be nilled (to dereference the item). This will avoid Access Violations when the caller's reference to the item goes out of scope and reference counting is performed.<br> <br> If the item list is a static list (i.e. IJvDataItems.IsDynamic returns False) there is still a chance the item being deleted is still referenced outside the provider. Using that reference might then lead to Access Violations.<br> <br> If the item list is a dynamic list (i.e. IJvDataItems.IsDynamic returns True) the deletion will normally be performed (i.e. the reference is removed from the list) but the item might still be referenced and usable after this fact. This will lead to the strange situation of<br> IJvDataItem.GetItems referring to the IJvDataItems interface, but the list no longer contains that item.<br>

See Also
IJvDataItemsManagement.Add, IJvDataItemsManagement.Delete

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