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Retrieve an item from the list given its index path.

IndexPath - array of item index values considered to be the path to the item to retrieve.

GetItemByIndexPath retrieves a Data Item from the list given its index path. If the specified item could not be found the method returns nil.<br> <br> Each integer in the array is considered to be an index into a list of items. The first integer refers to the IJvDataItems instance on which this method is called. If more index values follow, the item is queried for an IJvDataItems interface. If one is not found the end result will be nil, otherwise the next index is applied to the new found item list.<br> <br> This process will be repeated until the entire path has been completed, or a specified index fell out of the range for the list on which to apply it (in which case nil will be returned.<br>

See Also
IJvDataItem.GetIndex, IJvDataItems.GetItem, IJvDataItems.GetItemByID

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