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Retrieve an item from the list given its ID (or ID path).

ID - The ID or ID-path of the item to retrieve.

GetItemByID retrieves a Data Item from the list given its ID or ID-path. Each item will be initiated with an ID value which should be unique throughout the tree - although this is not enforced - and this method allows to retrieve an item given that ID.<br> <br> The path is always considered relative to this list. If the ID string starts with a backslash (or forward slash; both are allowed), the path is considered from the root of the provider (GetProvider.GetItems).<br> <br> Each '..' is considered as '1 level up the tree'.<br> <br> As soon as a term in the path can't be retrieved the entire result will be nil. This can happen when to many '..' terms appear or one of the ID's in the path can't be found.<br>

See Also
IJvDataItem.GetID, IJvDataItems.GetItem, IJvDataItems.GetItemByIndexPath

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