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Data Item support interface that handles rendering and measuring itself.

IJvDataItemRenderer is a supporting interface for IJvDataItem that adds rendering and measuring capabilities to an item.<br> <br> Consumers generally handle rendering/measuring in the following way:<br> <br> * Check if the item supports the IJvDataItemRenderer interface. If it does use it to perform the rendering/measuring.<br> * Check for the closest IJvDataItemsRenderer interface (the direct owning IJvDataItems list or any of the lists in its parent chain). If it finds one use it to perform the rendering/measuring.<br> * Handle the rendering at the consumer side. This means all items are considered equal and usually only IJvDataItemText and optionally IJvDataItemImage (and the corresponding IJvDataItemsImages) are<br> used. The entire rendering/measuring is then consumer (control) dependent and the provider tree may<br> no longer look uniform in different consumers/clients.<br>

See Also
IJvDataItem, IJvDataItemsRenderer

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