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Data Item support interface for adding image support to an item.

IJvDataItemImage is a supporting interface for IJvDataItem that adds image support to an item. For this interface to be useful, some things have to be taken care of:<br> <br> * The IJvDataItems owner of the item (or any of the IJvDataItems owners in the parent chain) must support the IJvDataItemsImages interface and at least have a valid image list assigned to its <LINK<br> IJvDataItemsImages.Images, Images> property.<br> * The rendering code must be able to handle images. Rendering may be handled at the item itself (IJvDataItemRenderer supported by this item), by the item list owner of this item of any item in<br> the parent chain (IJvDataItemsRenderer supported by an IJvDataItems implementation) or at the<br> consumer (client control). The JEDI-VCL provides generic render implementations of which some do<br> support image.<br> <br> The interface provides properties to manage:<br> <br> * The position of the image in relation to the text<br> * Which image to use in normal cases<br> * which image to use when the item is selected/has focus.<br>

See Also
IJvDataItem, IJvDataItemsImages

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