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Context object.

IJvDataContext represents an individual context. Contexts allow providers to represent their contents in a different way to different consumers.<br> <br> Each context can represent a different tree and/or different item properties while using the same data. This keeps the memory usage down, since the common information is kept only once.<br> <br> Consumers can select which context they want to use so multiple consumers with the same context will get the exact same representation.<br> <br> Contexts allow for inheriting the properties (or tree structure) of the parent context if such properties is not explicitly set for that context (this is at the discretion of the provider and some<br> providers will not allow this behavior or even allow contexts at a deeper level than the root). This also contributes to reducing memory usage. The IJvDataContextSensitive interface manages the inherited state of the properties.<br>

See Also
IJvDataContexts, IJvDataContextSensitive, IJvDataItem, IJvDataItems, IJvDataProvider

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