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Retrieve the index to a child item of a given item.

Parent - Either a reference to the parent item or a 0-based index in the view list of the parent item. Allowed values for the index version ranges from 0 to Count-1.
Index - 0-based index of the child item to retrieve.

SubItemIndex retrieves a 0-based index in the viewlist to the specified child item of the specified pare t item. The two versions of this method allow to specify the parent either as a data item or as a 0-based index in the view list.<br> <br> If the parent item could not be found either an exception is raised or -1 is returned (depends on the implementer).<br> <br> If the item has no children or the index is out of range either an exception is raised or -1 is returned (depends on the implementer). Most implementers will choose to return -1 in this case, as there's no real way to tell the number of child items an item has.<br>

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