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Data consumer support interface to notify another consumer when the current item changes.

IJvDataConsumerServerNotify is a consumer support interface that allows other consumers (supporting the IJvDataConsumerClientNotify interface) to be linked and notified if the current item of this consumer changed.<br> <br> The implementer of this interface is notified when a client consumer changed its provider. You are responsible for checking if the client consumer is still valid and optionally break the link to the client if this is no longer the case. In addition you must keep a record of linked clients and notify them when the selected item changed or the client is removed (either because the client is no longer valid due to a provider change or because the server consumer is destroying).<br> <br> Linking of consumers can be used (for example) to link a context selection consumer (e.g. a combo box<br> linked to a context provider) to a client consumer and have the context of that consumer updated automatically when the context selection consumer selects a different context. In this scheme,<br> IJvDataConsumerServerNotify is used at the context selection consumer.<br>

See Also
IJvDataConsumer, IJvDataConsumerClientNotify

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