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Stores a set (ignores sub stores).

Path - Path (relative to the current path) where the value is to be stored.
ATypeInfo - A typeinfo pointer that describes the type of the Value parameter.
Value - Value to store.

Write here a description<br> <br> <CODE><PRE> type TTest = (tstValue1, tstValue2, tstValue3); TTestSet = set of TTest; uses TypInfo; function TForm1.ReadTestSet: TTestSet; begin Result := []; JvAppIniFileStorage1.ReadSet('SomePath', TypeInfo(TTestSet), Result, Result); end; procedure TForm1.WriteTestSet(const ATestSet: TTestSet); begin JvAppIniFileStorage1.WriteSet('SomePath', TypeInfo(TTestSet), ATestSet); end; </PRE></CODE>

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