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Stores a list of items.

Path - Path (relative to the current path) where the list is to be stored.
List - Value to store.
ItemCount - Number of items to store.
OnWriteItem - Method that will write each item to the storage.
OnDeleteItems - Method that will remove remaining items from a previous list.
ItemName - Prefix of the sub path for the items.

WriteList stores a list of items in the storage.<br> <br> WriteList is a general purpose method that can store any list by means of the provided write method.<br> The specified write method will be called for each item individually, specifying the list path and<br> the item index to store. The method should write the item (which can be as simple as writing a single value to as complex as writing an entire group of values and/or sub lists).<br> <br> The specified delete method is called to clear out the remaining part of the list that is no longer to be stored (i.e. overwriting a larger list with a smaller list). The method is called only once, specifying the range of items to be removed. The method should then remove said items from the storage.<br>

See Also
ReadList, WriteBinary, WriteDateTime, WriteFloat, WriteInteger, WriteString, WriteStringList

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