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Resolves the specified path to a target storage and target path.

InPath - The path to resolve. This may be any path specification, even one that's relative to the currently selected path.
TargetStore - The target store to use. The returned store is guaranteed to be the store that should contain the specified path (ie. it can not reference any of its linked sub stores).
TargetPath - The path to use in the target store. The returned path is always canonical and relative to the absolute root of the target store specified by TgtStore and will reference the path specified by InPath.

ResolvePath will resolve the specified path into a storage backend and path to use. The storage<br> returned might be itself, one of its sub stores or a sub store at an even deeper level. In any case, the returned store and path will no longer reference to any other sub store.<br> <br> ResolvePath will take the specified path, prefixing it with the currently set path and canonicalize it (making it relative to the absolute root of the storage).<br> <br> It will then scan the sub storages to see if the path refers to a linked storage. If it doesn't, this storage will be returned as the target store and the canonicalized path as the target path.<br> <br> If it did find a sub store, the link path is removed from the canonical path (making it relative to the absolute root of the sub store) and ResolvePath is executed on the sub store. Eventually the sub store to use and the path relative to the absolute root of that store are returned.<br>

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