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Reads a list of items.

Path - \Path (relative to the current path) of the value to read.
List - Parameter passed to the OnReadItem event.
OnReadItem - Method that will read each item from the storage.
ItemName - Parameter passed to the OnReadItem event.

ReadList reads a list of items from the storage. The result value is the number of items in the list or 0 if the list does not exist in the storage.<br> <br> ReadList is a general purpose method that can read any list by means of the provided read method. The specified method will be called for each item individually, specifying the list path and the item index to read. The method should read the item (which can be as simple as reading in a single value to as complex as reading in an entire group of values and/or sub lists) and process the data immediately (e.g. store it in memory or display it in a control).<br>

See Also
ReadBinary, ReadDateTime, ReadFloat, ReadInteger, ReadString, ReadStringList, WriteList

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