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Enables the encryption/decryption of string values.

Call EnablePropertyValueCrypt to start the encryption and decryption of string values. When enabled then the storage component triggers an OnEncryptPropertyValue event for each string value it writes to the storage, and an OnDecryptPropertyValue event for each string value it reads from the storage.<br> <br> Every call to EnablePropertyValueCrypt should be paired with a call to DisablePropertyValueCrypt.<br> EnablePropertyValueCrypt/DisablePropertyValueCrypt pairs can be nested.<br> Note<br> Only string values are encrypted/decrypted. You can use StorageOptions to read and write non-string values also as string.<br>

See Also
TJvCustomAppStorage.DisablePropertyValueCrypt, TJvCustomAppStorage.IsPropertyValueCryptEnabled,
TJvCustomAppStorage.OnEncryptPropertyValue, TJvCustomAppStorage.OnDecryptPropertyValue

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