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Combines paths into one (canonical) path.

Paths - List of paths to combine into one.

ConcatPaths will combine the specified paths into a single path. The resulting path will be in canonical form (relative folder specifications are resolved to their final path).<br> <br> Below is a table of examples with different paths and their resulting value: <TABLE 60c%,40c%><br> Paths Result<br> ================================================= ================================<br> 'MyFolder1' and 'MyFolder2' MyFolder1\MyFolder2<br> 'MyFolder1\MyFolder2' and '..\MyFolder3' MyFolder1\MyFolder3<br> 'MyFolder1\MyFolder2' and '\MyFolder4' MyFolder4<br> 'MyFolder1\MyFolder2', '\MyFolder4', MyFolder5\MyFolder9\MyFolder11<br> '\MyFolder5\MyFolder6\MyFolder7\MyFolder8',<br> '...\MyFolder9\MyFolder10' and<br> <table> </table>

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Uses PclZip by phpconcept and parts of the PEAR library