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Abstract base class for application data storage in INI file format.

TJvAppIniStorage is the abstract base class for application storage in INI file format. The base class provides the abstract interface to handle data in an INI file format. It does not refer to an<br> INI file but implements the TJvCustomAppStorage methods to use an INI file format using a couple of simplified access methods.<br> <br> As a descendant of TJvCustomAppMemoryFileStorage, it provides the standard interface for storing data (such as settings, form positions and sizes, etc).<br> <br> The component introduces 4 abstract methods to read, <LINK<br> TJvCustomAppIniStorage.WriteValue, write>, delete and find values using the Section/Key combination.<br> <br> All the abstract access methods are implemented to convert from/to one of the 4 new methods.<br>

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