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Storage component that reads and writes to a dataset.

TJvCustomAppDBStorage is a data storage backend that reads and writes the data to a dataset.<br> <br> As a descendant of TJvCustomAppStorage it provides the standard interface for storing data (such as settings, form positions and sizes, etc) in a dataset.<br> <br> The component introduces and publishes several new properties: DataSource, to indicate the dataset used for storage, SectionField, KeyField and ValueField that indicates the fields in the dataset to use to \read and \write the data.<br> <br> A dataset used with TJvCustomAppDBStorage must be updateable (i.e not readonly), support the<br> TDataSet.Locate standard search method and support bookmarks. Although not required, it is recommended (if possible) to create an index on the fields used for the section and key name (SectionFiald and KeyField, respectively).<br>

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