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Retrieves the state of certain virtual keys from the specified LPARAM value.

lParam - Specifies the value to be converted.

The return value is the low-order word representing the virtual key state. It can be one of the following values.<br> <table> <tr> <th> MK_CONTROL The Ctrl key is down. MK_LBUTTON The left mouse button is down. MK_MBUTTON The middle mouse button is down. MK_RBUTTON The right mouse button is down. MK_SHIFT The Shift key is down. MK_XBUTTON1 The first X button is down. MK_XBUTTON2 The second X button is down.</th> </tr> </table> <br> This function is identical to the GET_FLAGS_LPARAM function. This function is a converted macro.<br>

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